Saturday, January 19, 2008

vikas ballal final

the first one is optional and the second is the final design

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pencil renders of mythical Parasuram

Preliminary attempts on Parasuram A.x.E

The scientists

1)RUMAN iyer, 2) SUSHEN acharya, 3)VASU odeyon and 3)VISHWA pandit.

Vikas Ballal

Vikas Ballal - the head of CSTIO labs. While characterizing this i always had in mind the brutal historical characters like Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, General Dyre- man behind Jallianwallahbagh shoot out. The sketches reveal a Gothic look with hanging robes. But I am confused with the color options. Anyway the face is inspired by that of Mussolini, the hair style is inspired by that of Hitler and General Dyre's half closed right eye all after the scribbles.

Arjun Srivastav

The chief scientists of CSTIO labs & the right hand of VIKAS BALLAL. The look is something which is inspired by characters which i come across... and there it caught my eyes a short & stout look with a bulge on the forehead after a lot of scribbles. The character is a nerd.


I have designed two types of organtics. The first one is a Capturer and the second one is a commando. In the line of inventions of these organtics the first one stands at the tail and climbing above comes the commandos and later will be independent thinking be done ...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tripura sundari

Tripura Sundari is the goddess who initiates the thirst for the quest of divine in all human beings. Tripura Rahasya is the text dealing with the practices of her worship. This secret was taught to Parasuram by Dattatreya guru. The final appearance is under preparation. Her appearance will be redesigned according to the iconographical terms.

Warrior make-up of Kartaveerya

scribbles on chariot of Kartaveerya

Kartaveerya - the mythical villain

On the throne.This design is inspired by a ritual dance called 'Theyyam'. Iconography indicates red colored garments.

Kartaveerya - the mythical villain

Here are the clean-up and colored versions of Kartaveeerya. Iconography explains him as a local deity with thousand arms.

The thousand arms is represented as tentacles

Kartaveerya - the mythical villain

Here are the scribbles on Kartaveeryarjuna.

The warrior make-up scribbles


Here is Bhagavatr- the great grand father of Shireenya who is an expert in all the Vedas. This includes thumbnails and two options for the character which is yet to be finalized. the first one has more of an primitive and ritualistic attitude and other with that of nobility.


Here are the clean ups and colored versions of Shireenya. The skin color is pale because of the absence of natural light in the subterranean slum

a short research on hindu iconography

a short research on hindu iconography opened a new ream of symbolic designs which could be adopted to my designs.

CHANNA VEERA a cross belt form of ornament worn by deities known for their valor.

JATA MAKUTA Jata is the the matted hair on sages. In order to free themselves for the frequent care for hair they applied an milky exudation of certain tree which prevented dirt sticking to it and also can be conveniently coiled upor rolled. Makuta means the crown. Jata makuta is the crown like formation when the matted hair is ornamentally coiled or twisted. This is more seen in varied forms in the sculptures of Lord Shiva.

KANCHUKA This is a close fitting garment covering the upper body. Armour is also a form of Kanchuka.

KANKANA Bangles worn on the hand is called Kankana. It is a sign of auspiciousness.

KATI BANDHA This is the waist band.This is a cloth or chain with jingling bells or just a plain thread.

KEYURA This a armlet worn on the upper arm.

KIRTI MUKHA This is a monster with protruding eyes, fierce fangs and teeth. This seen on arches behind dieties and also on on the waist band. The word means the face of glory. Originating from the matted hairs of Lord shiva this monster started devouring Rahu an emmissary of Asura by name Jalandhara who fell in love with Parvati. Rahu was pardoned as he begged Lord Shiva and the monster could not satisfy its hunger. on Shiva tellig it started devouring its own body till the head.

KUNDALA The ear ring is called the kundala.