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My story's focus is on the origin of PARASURAM A.x.E. Though changes are expected later here is my idea on the number of issues the comic would make with regard to the origin of the icon character. After the breakdown the story can run around 10 or more number of issues. This is not a confirmed idea as determinig the number of issues will depend on the script and time span depiction. Follow the mind map for the details.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

enter the future

follow this link for an introduction of the story.

The year is 2078. VIKAS BALLAL is turning evil. ARJUN SRIVASTAV the chief scientist being VIKAS’s right hand marches along with his organtic creations.

4 scientists working for CSIO labs get a common dream .A phenomenon ‘PH XXX’!!. Driven by the dream they decide to march against VIKAS’s evil designs. These scientists are RUMAN iyer, SUSHEN acharya, VASU odeyon and VISHWA pandit.

A spy organtic smells foul and detects the secret meeting of the four scientists. They were discussing the phenomenon PH XXX!! and plan a strategic procedure regarding the development of a super powered organtic inspired by the dream of PARASURAM. The spy attacks the scientists and RUMAN iyer is captured the rest manage to escape. RUMAN iyer is tortured to reveal the designs but he succumbs with loud voice ‘PARASURAM!!!!’

The spy reports this to VIKAS & team. They are confused by the term ‘PARASURAM’ and a special team is deployed on a research .

Meanwhile the 3 scientists SUSHEN acharya, VASU odeyon and VISHWA pandit disguise themselves and break apart in search for the relics of PARASURAM.

VISHWA pandit comes across the subterranean slum and happens to meet BHAGAVATR an exponent of ancient Indian philosophy and mystics. He is supposed to be the grand father of SHIREENYA. SUSHEN acharya finds the ‘TRIPURA RAHASYA’ and VASU odeyon finds the ATHARVA VEDA (has references of lethal weapons)and DHANURVEDA. (The science of weapons supposed to be first taught to PARASURAMA by Lord SHIVA). All the 3 scientists meet up in the subterranean slum which is suddenly attacked by the organtics under speculation of the presence of the scientists. BHAGAVATR is killed in an explosion minutes after handing over the relics to scientists SHIREENYA is left orphaned.

After a nail biting escape the scientists find themselves in a strange island.(yet to be explained) The island is a newly formed island in the LAKSHADWEEP archipelago, yet to be discovered or detected. LAKSADWEEP archipelago was formed during the eruption occurred when PARASURAM wield his powerful ax which struck the earth’s core releasing molten. This area remains active and generates islands time on time.

The scientists begin their intensive research and create a female organtic .RENUKA A8. which can procreate an super organtic when a sperma cored organtic cell is introduced. Unfortunately they fail in their attempts to create this sperma cored organtic cell.

Meanwhile in CSIO labs a powerful organtic with its ability to produce sperma cored organtic cell is developed. JAMADAGNEE 3. They are yet to develop a female organtic which can create a super demon organtic rendering CSIO the most powerful labs to overpower the earth.

The presence of the new island is detected and the organtic forces headed by JAMADAGNEE 3 is deployed there for a thorough search .

JAMADAGNEE 3 and troops find out the hiding of the scientists and attacks. During the attack JAMADAGNEE 3 encounters RENUKA A8 . RENUKA A8 has its special decoding ability which can alter the programs of similar organtics. JAMADAGNEE 3 gets decoded and functions against its own troops. The whole troop is terminated. The destroyed organtics emits signals to lab which in turn successfully patch up the coding of JAMADAGNEE 3 .

JAMADAGNEE 3 emits harmful radiation making the scientists paralysed. JAMADAGNEE 3 encounters RENUKA A8 again now newly programmed to treacherously destroy RENUKA A8 after rendering it procreative. Sperma cored organtic cell is released into RENUKA A8.

Sperma cored organtic cell reacts with the procreative cell of RENUKA A8. During this there happens a divine phenomenon.

KALKI the avatar of kalyug is set to incarnate . Before this, it sends a portion of the incarnation for the preparing the right circumstances for the great descent.

KALKI the kalyug avatar is said to incarnate to destroy the complete human race. In this time period every human turns into asura creating evil powered organisms. So Lord Visnu incarnates as KALKI to wipe off these asuric humans from the face of the earth . Then it destroys the earth itself to create a new one. KALKI will be incarnating in a organtic prototype created by the asuric humans rather than humans. This turns the organtics against their creators itself destroying them.

KALKI’s portion incarnates in to the hybrid prototype of RENUKA A8 to create conducive circumstances in the era of organtics for the great descent.


JAMADAGNEE 3 turns this hybrid against against RENUKA A8. RENUKA A8 is destroyed . Now JAMADAGNEE 3 transfers special powers to hybrid rendering its divine portion active. This divine being more powerful than JAMADAGNEE 3 permanently decodes it which in turn brings back RENUKA A8 and the scientists to normal.

Now the scientists start experimenting on the hybrid unknowing its divine content. They arrive at a conclusion that there is missing portion in it, which is a human gene, when introduced into hybrid turns it into a complete controllable super powerful organtic which they assume to be equivalent to PARASURAM.

They develop a gene detector which is programmed to detect that particular gene which can create the super organtic. This is deployed to search for the gene, eventually landing in a strange and rare island .

This island is actually a portion of another planet where the Chiranjeevi PARASURAM is leaving!!.

Planets have different life cycles for egs; one day in Jupiter is x number of earth days . So the belief that PARASURAM has a long lifespan is supported by the theory that He discards the earthly body to get trans muted to another planet continuing his life.

On the call of the divine Chiranjeevi PARASURAM is transmuted back to earth in that strange and rare island. But PARASURAM is at verge of completing his life cycle on that particular island and to be trans muted to another.

The gene detector identifies the gene in Chiranjeevi PARASURAM and gets it just before Chiranjeevi PARASURAM leaves the body.

Meanwhile the KALKI portion gets to know the success of the gene detector. Divine duty is to destroy the evil and the seeds of the same. So if the scientists could create the super organtic they would be invincible eventually turning them demoniac.

The phenomenon PH XXX reoccurs in the scientists where they are informed they were the reincarnations of PARSURAMA’s brothers. Now they had to sacrifice themselves making way for the divine. In reward they will be trans muted to higher regions.

The divine hybrid then dutifully kills the scientists . The gene detector introduces the human gene strand into the partly divine hybrid . Thus

PARASURAM A.X.e is formed.

The CSIO labs deploys special troops to destroy JAMADAGNEE 3. They are successful. JAMADAGNEE 3 is destroyed due to which RENUKA A8 degenerates. Thus PARASURAMA A. X.e begins his termination campaign against VIKAS BALLAL’s designs. Thus the REVIVAL

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Friday, October 26, 2007

'shireenya' thumbnails

Shireenya a subterrenean slum dweller in 'PARASURAM 2078'. Will be working more on this as distinguishing outlook is yet to be explored.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

an environment sketch

I have worked on marker & pencil thumbnails keeping in mind a subterranean slum!
Picked the one with a cave-like entrance to the slum with city debris around. This is my first conceptual environment and took more time experimenting the digital media.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

a colored one

1)VISHNUDHARMOTTARA PURANA says that the body of Parasuram is red in color and his clothes are white.
2)RAMAYAN describes him having matted locks, body smeared with ash, holding an double edged axe and Vishnu's bow in his hands.
3)I added the red strips to his clothes with refrernce to the Kalari payattu costume.
George kindly check this work ....eager for your response

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Friday, October 5, 2007

Parasuram thumbnails

Here are thumbnails of the character 'Parasurama'. I have played around with abstract shapes and patterns keeping in mind a primitive nature of the outlook.



After a pretty good search of mythological and folk tales here I am with this story

Parasurama was the warrior saint born to saint Jamadagni and Renuka devi. He killed his mother and four of his brothers on the commands of his father. He was bestowed four boons with which his
2)brothers were brought back to life
3)he became unconquerable and
4) had a long life span.

. Once the powerful king Kartraviryarjuna forcibly took away the sacred cow from Jamadagni. Parasurama waged a war against the thousand handed Kartraviryarjuna, killed him and brought back the holy cow. On revenge, his sons killed Jamadagni during the absence of his sons. Enraged by this Parasurama took a vow to wipe out the Kshatriya race (warrior clan) from the face of the earth and killed everyone along with Kartraviryarjuna's sons. Thus he conquered the world which was to given away to sage Kasyapa and Parasurama went to perform austerities on Mahendra mountain..

. He is the sixth avatar of lord Vishnu and also one among Chiranjeevi's(immortals).Anyhow his Avatar is supposed to have ended with his his meeting of lord Sri Rama in RAMAYANA.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

'ANATOMY OF DAVID' An illustration revealing the muscles and skull of Michelangelo's 'David' Media: Oil pastels
Sketch of my project guide GEORGE SUPREET

Monday, September 24, 2007

Project synopsis

Character and environment designs for a story based on Indian myth and legends. Launch a comic book based on the above. (Story is on the hunt)
Virgin Comics
  • Visualization of the characters and environments of the story.
  • Character design includes the physical body, designs for the suits, weapons and vehicles.
  • Environment designs includes different geographical and conceptualised environments.
  • Development of the Character Bible which includes personality and attitudes apart from the above designs.
  • Organization of all the designs into a complete and compact design manual briefing the story, procedures of visualizing the characters and environments from the scratch to the finish.
  • Introductory or the 1st issue of a comic book based on the story positioning the icon character.