Monday, September 24, 2007

Project synopsis

Character and environment designs for a story based on Indian myth and legends. Launch a comic book based on the above. (Story is on the hunt)
Virgin Comics
  • Visualization of the characters and environments of the story.
  • Character design includes the physical body, designs for the suits, weapons and vehicles.
  • Environment designs includes different geographical and conceptualised environments.
  • Development of the Character Bible which includes personality and attitudes apart from the above designs.
  • Organization of all the designs into a complete and compact design manual briefing the story, procedures of visualizing the characters and environments from the scratch to the finish.
  • Introductory or the 1st issue of a comic book based on the story positioning the icon character.


bulbedup vibin said...

superb man. im expecting a great work from you. u have just chosen to exploit ur strength thats great.

anushree said...

The work you are doing good....but I personally feel you can do much better,the story you have chosen is good...I know you can do much better than this...If it was me...I know i cudnt have done half of this myself...but knowing your potential....try a bit more harder