Friday, October 19, 2007

a colored one

1)VISHNUDHARMOTTARA PURANA says that the body of Parasuram is red in color and his clothes are white.
2)RAMAYAN describes him having matted locks, body smeared with ash, holding an double edged axe and Vishnu's bow in his hands.
3)I added the red strips to his clothes with refrernce to the Kalari payattu costume.
George kindly check this work ....eager for your response


Bharath MC said...

Awesome work dude !

bulbedup vibin said...

abi i think this particular illustration tone and style is superb compared to the digital painting n the pastel works. i think u should follow this style. don be in a hurry n screw up things. have patience do it slow. i want ur project to be the best. as u said u are somewhere loosing consistency. follow only 1 style f toning the image. its cool illustration though. keep it up brother.

Dinoop said...

Hey dude.. Jus went thru n i find it really interesting n damn cool works

But looking it from an advertising point of view it looks empty. Have u done ny research on the target audience, the medias which will b really strong to support?

I think u have got d basic plot set.. But still have a long way 2 go n it aint gonna b easy . Will keep a track on ur blog.

All the best