Friday, October 5, 2007



After a pretty good search of mythological and folk tales here I am with this story

Parasurama was the warrior saint born to saint Jamadagni and Renuka devi. He killed his mother and four of his brothers on the commands of his father. He was bestowed four boons with which his
2)brothers were brought back to life
3)he became unconquerable and
4) had a long life span.

. Once the powerful king Kartraviryarjuna forcibly took away the sacred cow from Jamadagni. Parasurama waged a war against the thousand handed Kartraviryarjuna, killed him and brought back the holy cow. On revenge, his sons killed Jamadagni during the absence of his sons. Enraged by this Parasurama took a vow to wipe out the Kshatriya race (warrior clan) from the face of the earth and killed everyone along with Kartraviryarjuna's sons. Thus he conquered the world which was to given away to sage Kasyapa and Parasurama went to perform austerities on Mahendra mountain..

. He is the sixth avatar of lord Vishnu and also one among Chiranjeevi's(immortals).Anyhow his Avatar is supposed to have ended with his his meeting of lord Sri Rama in RAMAYANA.

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